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 gritty healing system (Houserule)

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gritty healing system (Houserule) Empty
PostSubject: gritty healing system (Houserule)   gritty healing system (Houserule) EmptyTue May 22, 2018 1:54 pm

Short Rests
- HP healing equal to character level (3 x day maximum)

Long Rests
- HP healing equal to rolled HD x Prof. Bonus (with 1 dice at 1st lvl.)
- HD returned equal to level

Instant Magical Healing (narratively this burns life Force to be effective)
- Each spell slot level of a healing spell applied uses up 1 HD from the target
- If the target has no HD left, the HD have to come from the caster
- For area or multi-target heals, the HD cost is shared equally between targets with any leftover HD paid for by the caster
- For non-spell healing like Paladin Lay on Hands, each full 5 HP uses up 1 HD
- Second Wind can only be used when the Fighter has taken damage, and gives temporary HP which last for 10 rounds

Death Saves
- Each failed death save means 1 level of Fatigue is applied once back up to positive HPs
- Each failed death save requires at least 1 level of spell slot of healing to heal (so someone with 2 failed saves will not respond to the healing of a 1st level spell slot)
- Revivify doesn't resurrect, it brings the target back on 1 HP without any Fatigue if cast before the third failed death save
- Spare the Dying suspends the need for further death saves for 1 minute but does not remove failed saves




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gritty healing system (Houserule)
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