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PostSubject: Domination   Domination EmptyWed Jan 22, 2014 12:31 am

(I'll preface this with the comment that I just finished re-reading the chapters 1-44)
During the twin Boris' attack, Gardain was dominated, while in Rain of Steel stance.  The effect stopped hurting the foes while he was dominated, but it shouldn't have stopped, because foes remain foes.
Quote :
Dominated: In spite of this condition, the creature’s allies remain its allies, and its enemies remain its enemies.
  • The creature can’t take actions voluntarily. Instead, the dominator chooses a single action for the creature to take on the creature’s turn: a standard, a move, a minor, or a free action. The only powers and other game features that the dominator can make the creature use are ones that can be used at will.
  • The creature grants combat advantage.
  • The creature can’t flank.
  • If the dominator tries to force the creature to move into some form of hindering terrain, the creature gets a saving throw to resist
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