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 July errata

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July errata Empty
PostSubject: July errata   July errata EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 9:52 pm

Changes I noted in my ADD scan of the document:

Wiped out the first level daily that makes tactial warlords so powerful.... no impact on Chrys though.

Will this impact Skar?
Free Action: Free actions take almost no time or effort. You can take as many free actions as you want during your or another combatant’s turn. There is an exception to that rule: A creature can take a free action to use an attack power only once
per turn. Creatures don’t normally have attack powers that can be used as free actions, but some powers and other effects grant the ability to use an attack power (usually a basic attack) as a free action. For example, a character might have two different abilities that let him or her make a melee basic attack as a free action when their respective triggers occur. If both abilities are triggered on the
same turn, the character can make only one of the melee basic attacks during that turn. In certain circumstances, the DM might decide
to limit the use of free actions further. For instance, if an adventurer has already used free actions during a particular turn to talk, drop things, and use a class feature, the DM might rule that the adventurer can use no more free actions during that turn.

Magic Missile is autohit now....

Wizard's Escape is now a daily

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July errata Empty
PostSubject: Re: July errata   July errata EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 10:58 pm

It may effect Gardain too. Gardain is allowed to make free basic melee attacks to interrupt movements, attacks, etc.
Skar and other melee types can get free melee basic attacks, so it wouldn't surprise me that the limitation of 1 per turn (i'm interpretting that as a character's turn, and not a full round) could be exceeded if this new rule wasn't in place.
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July errata
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